HerblockWelcome to the Digital Past! This course, which satisfies the university’s IT requirement, will prepare you to use and understand a variety of digital tools in the service of doing history. We’ll explore these technologies, including maps, data sets, and visualizations, within the context of an upper-division history course focusing on the Cold War, although no background in history is required. We’ll discuss how to find and use digital information for research and learn how to question it, analyze it, summarize it, and interpret it. You’ll learn how to present visual and textual sources online, and you will learn how to write and publish effectively online. We will also explore issues of ethics, copyright, and information security, and experiment with a variety of online tools and technologies. Additionally, we’ll cover advanced search methods, and how to pull together disparate pieces of a research project into a coherent whole. Through learning by doing, you will gain both digital skills and the skills of a historian. Skills which will be useful to you throughout your university career and in your future work. Over the course of the semester, students will use these technologies to create and publish an individual project (of their choosing) concerning the Cold War (1945-1989) in America.

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